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Get the smile you want and be able to eat the food you want with Dentalis Dentures.

Let us assist in bringing that confident smile back.  Tired of eating restricted foods.... We can help in providing you with a Denture so you can eat those foods you have been unable to eat. 

We pride ourselves on making our clients happy in appearance and with a comfortable fit with their new Denture.  At Dentalis we want the best possible outcome for YOU!

Dentalis have the knowledge how to make lower suction Dentures for eligible patients. 


We do :


  • Partial Dentures

  • Full Dentures

  • Implant Dentures

  • Flexible Dentures

  • Repairs

Make a difference in how you look, feel and how you eat your food and phone us to book in a free consultation to see how Dentalis can improve your smile.


Phone 0451 462246 for your free consultation








Beautiful Smile
Fast turnaround on your Dentures
Client satisfaction a priority!
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