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Implant Dentures

Get the smile you want with Dentalis.

Today implant Dentures are one of the most frequently prescribed treatment option for manidubilar over Dentures.  


Implant supported dentures are Dentures that are supported by the placement of fixed implants, rather than being supported by just the gums alone.

Implant Dentures are reliable and strong and are suitable for those of you who cannot tolerate the feeling of having the denture completely covering the top of the mouth.


When teeth are lost, there is nothing to support these dentures, causing them move around more or slip while talking and eating.

Placing implants assist in anchoring and supporting your dentures.


The benefits of this will be that they remain firmly in place while talking, laughing and eating.  They also create a feeling of almost like your natural teeth. 


We work in conjunction with an oral surgeon who will place the implant in the jaw and we will construct the Denture to fit into the implants with an attachment system.  The Dentures can be removed and inserted back for cleaning purposes.

We offer removable dental implants here at Dentalis, and these can be discussed in further detail at our initial complimentary consultation.

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